A Special Seminar on “Slope Stability Works on Nepal Mountains” to be held on 18 Feb. 2020

A Seminar on
“Slope Protection Works on Nepal Mountains”
18 February 2020
Lalitpur (Vivanta Hotel, Jhamsikhel), Nepal

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Lead Organizer:
Nepal Geotechnical Society

Associated Partners:
Geotechnical Engineering Program, IoE Pulchowk Campus
Nepal Landslide Society

Prime Sponsor:

EMES Nepal and Clay Engineering

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As a mountainous country, Nepal has most of its major roads, locally known as national highways, run through steep mountainous terrains over heavily weathered rock mass. Intercepted by numerous local faults and unstable rock mass planes, most of these road alignments frequently suffer slope instability problems leading to transport infrastructure damage and often to fatal roadside disasters and massive economic loss to the nation. However, owing to limited resources and poorly practiced slope protection and management works, most of the roadside cut slopes in Nepal are left unprotected or are mostly protected by minimal efforts such as gabion retaining walls, stone masonry walls or vegetation cover. Except for a few test sites and recently built roads, the modern slope protection techniques have not yet been introduced in Nepal although there are efforts from some sectors of stakeholders in this field to bring in new and affordable techniques of slope stabilization and slope protection.

However, with a number of recent plans of building new infrastructures, such as fast track roads, express highways, railways, high dam reservoirs, and so on in the country, the scope of slope protection work is expected to go up exponentially! Local consulting engineers and construction companies are still new in this field, but within the next 5 to 10 years, it will be inevitable that we must bring in many different technologies in slope protection and management works. So, this is the right time Nepal Geotechnical Society should take the lead to discuss various aspects of slope instability issues in the Nepal Himalaya and must facilitate international companies to introduce their products and techniques in Nepal. This seminar will address these issues and bring all stakeholders of slope protection work in Nepal together to discuss the opportunities and challenges in protecting Nepal Himalaya slopes.


The main purpose of holding this seminar is to introduce comprehensive slope protection works/practices in Nepal mountains to the practicing engineers and geoscientists, and to discuss among all stakeholders the opportunities and challenges of sustainable slope protection methods.

Perspective Participants

This program has been designed for engineering professionals who are further interested in scaling up their slope stability analysis abilities and in designing relevant slope stabilization method. Best suited for civil and geotechnical engineers, engineering geologists, city and public works officials, and urban planners, this seminar will address the need of all those who are particularly involved or will involve in planning and design of slopes.


  • Nepal Government Officials: DG of Department of Roads/ DG of Department of Irrigation/ Government Engineers/ Nepal Electricity Authority
  • Nepal Engineers Association, President and Executives
  • President of different Engineering societies, e.g., Structural Engineers Society, SCAEF Nepal, Nepal Geological Society, Society of Nepalese Engineering Geologists, Nepal Landslide Society

Registration Fee:


Registration Fee

Intuitional Participants Rs. 5,000
Non Members (NGS) Rs. 2,000
NGS Members Rs. 1,000
Student Members (NGS)

Rs. 500

Note: It is mandatory to register with payment for participating the Seminar
The registration fee covers cocktail dinner, a kit bag, souvenirs, etc.
*Seats are limited!

Organizing committee:

Er. Dr.  Biswa Ranjan Shahi

Er. Mandip Subedi

Netra Prakash Bhandary, President, Nepal Geotechnical Society
Er. Tuk Lal Adhikari, Immediate Past President, Nepal Geotechnical Society
Nepal Landslide Society President
Er. Uttam Lal Pradhan
Er. Suman Wagley
Er. Amod Adhikari
Dr. Bhim Dahal


Er. Mandip Subedi
General Secretary, NGS
Ph.: 98511 24192 (Cell; Email: mandip.subedi@gmail.com

Er. Uday Raj Neupane
Executive Member, NGS
Ph:9841871994; Email: iudaya@hotmail.com

Er. Govinda Niroula
Executive Member, NGS
Ph: 9851173689; Email: govind.niroula@gmail.com

Er. Uttam Lal Pradhan
Past Executive Member, NGS
Ph: 9851240007; Email: uttamlal.ulp@gmail.com


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