Call for Participation and Presentation (Int’l Symposium in Fukuoka, Japan, 2021.3.9-11)

Prof. Hemanta Hazarika (Kyushu University, Japan), a good friend of Nepal and a life member of Nepal Geotechnical Society and his team are going to organize an international symposium on “Construction Resources for Environmentally Sustainable Technologies” in Fukuoka City of Japan on 10-12 March 2020 9-11 March 2021. He requests interested Nepalese geotechnical engineers and geoscientists to participate and present their research work in the symposium and submit an extended abstract and the full paper as soon as possible. It seems, although they have postponed the symposium date, the proceedings printing job is scheduled to be done within a few months. So, the papers must be submitted within a week or two.

Other details on the international symposium are available here.

Thank you.

In the request of Prof. Hemanta Hazarika
By President, Nepal Geotechnical Society

Prof. Hazarika writes:

Dear Secretariat
Nepal Geotechnical Society, Nepal

Hope all of you are in good health and the best of your spirit, in spite of the adversities due to the COVID–19 pandemic.

This is to inform you about the International Symposium on Construction Resources and Environmentally Sustainable Technology (CREST 2020), which was originally scheduled to be held during March 10-12, 2020 at Fukuoka, Japan.

However, due to deteriorating scenario globally, arising out of the COVID–19 pandemic, the Symposium has been postponed until March 2021.

The organizing committee has decided to use this setback as an opportunity by providing chances to those, who could not submit papers previously, and, therefore, invite new call for extended abstracts and full papers.

We would be very glad, if you could send the attached information to the members of your society (including posting in your society home page) and encourage them to submit abstracts and papers.

Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop a line in

With best regards,
Hemanta Hazarika
Kyushu University

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