NGS to Hold an Online Program to Mark the NGS Day on 18 May 2020

An online executive committee meeting held on 6 May 2020 had decided to have an online program to mark the 26th NGS Day on 18 May 2020 (Monday), 10:3011:00 AM-12:00 12:30 PM (Nepal Standard Time).

Because of ongoing and long-continuing worldwide COVID-19 lockdown that has also severely affected people’s mobility and daily freedom of life in Nepal, we are all aware of the fact that we cannot organize a physical program to celebrate the NGS Day this year. In 2018, the executive committee decided to mark 18 May as the NGS Day every year and hold a program to celebrate the day NGS was first registered as a non-profit organization to the Government of Nepal. As a result, last year we celebrated this day as the NGS Silver Jubilee Day as we completed 25 years since 1994.

We surely wish to make the “NGS Day Celebration” one grand event of our society by including some important program items such as a symposium, memorial lectures, historical review reports, award declaration and distribution, honors to senior members and highly contributing members, appreciation to our supporters and so on, but this year because of the difficulties or rather zero possibility to hold a physical program, we have had to skip most of these items in the program and only do some speeches and reports associated with the development activities and plan in Nepal Geotechnical Society. Details of the program plan will be soon updated on this website as well as on our official Facebook page. ← Now available here!

Thank you and we look forward to all your participation in the online program.

Executive Committee (2018-2020)
Nepal Geotechnical Society

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