NGS Webinar Series: 12 September 2020

Nepal Geotechnical Society is organizing a webinar as follows.

Webinar Theme:Nagdhunga Tunnel: Introduction to the First Roadway Tunnel in Nepal
Date/Time:12 September 2020 (27 Bhadra 2077), Saturday; 13:00-15:00 Nepal Time
Venue:Zoom Webinar Platform
(Note: Please register yourself if you wish to participate. We also plan to run this program on our FB page simultaneously.)

For a number of technical and non-technical reasons, the transport infrastructure development process in Nepal is yet to gain momentum, especially in terms of upgrading our road standards, expanding the all-weather road network, increasing the road disaster safety, increasing the design speed and shortening the travel time, and so on. Although a few recent plans in railway, expressway (fast-track road), waterway, and ropeway have shown some rays of hope in the nation’s transportation sector development, our financial resources are still so limited that all these plans will take decades to complete!

In recent years, we have been debating the issue of what modes of transportation are important in our conditions, especially related to the natural difficulties and geopolitical situation. Unfortunately, however, our priorities seem more focused on urban commuting modes and international and national mass transportation sector. The roads and their comfortability are still in less priority of discussion, but as roads are an integral part of the easiest access to any part of the nation and as geotechnical engineering is so closely related with our roads in all terrains, they are the greatest priority field of association for Nepal Geotechnical Society!

So, this time, we have opted to hold a webinar in the road sector, and that too in a field that we are going to introduce in Nepalese roads for the first time. Yes, we are going to have this webinar platform to let our members and wellwishers know more about the details of Nagdhunga Tunnel that will be in our service probably within the next five years. The details are given in the banner below, and very much look forward to all your kind participation.

Thank you.
Nepal Geotechnical Society

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