Welcome to the official website of Nepal Geotechnical Society!

Nepal Geotechnical Society (NGS) was established in the pursuit of strengthening progressive national cooperation, enhancing exchange of information on research and developments in geotechnical engineering, geosciences, and other geo-related fields, and committing to the welfare of Nepal and the human society. It was formally registered with the Government of Nepal (then ‘Royal Nepalese Government’) in May 1994 (BS: Jestha 2051) by a group of dynamic and internationally motivated geotechnical engineers and academia of Nepal.

In the preliminary stage, the NGS activities were more focused at raising the membership strength, but towards the end of 1990s, various scientific meetings in national level were also given priority on a regular basis so as to exchange the geo-engineering and related knowledge and strengthen the organizational existence in the country. In about a year from the establishment, NGS was affiliated with the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE), the world forum for the geoetchnical engineers and professionals, as one of the Asian member national societies. Then, in 1999, it was also recognized by the International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM) as one of the national member societies. Through its affiliation with the ISSMGE and ISRM, NGS members were able to represent the society in various ISSMGE and ISRM conferences, council meetings, and International Young Geotechnical Engineers Conferences as well as Asian Young Geotechnical Engineers Conferences.

Until the graduate program in geotechnical engineering was started at the Institute of Engineering (IoE, Tribhuvan University) back in 2007, NGS had to depend for its greater membership strength on geotechnical engineering graduates of overseas universities and colleges, but with the beginning of a master program at IoE, TU, the number of members has currently reached 100 (2013 data) and it is expected that the membership strength will reach 150 within the next two years.

NGS welcomes all eligible and interested individuals to be a part of the society’s efforts to develope the field of geotechnical engineering in Nepal.