NGS conducted public awareness program on landslides risk management

30th NGS Day Celebration Program (Part – I)
जनचेतना कार्यक्रम – “पहिरो जोखिम व्यवस्थापनः बुझाई, मनन् र कार्यान्वयन”

On May 18, 2024, the Nepal Geotechnical Society (NGS) celebrated its 30th anniversary with a public awareness program on “Landslide Risk Management: Understanding, Internalization, and Action.” Held at Bhuwaneshwori Secondary School in Dhunibesi Municipality, Dhading, the event attracted over 100 participants, including professionals, local officials, and community members.

The program aimed to raise awareness about landslide risks, promote preparedness, encourage community engagement, advocate for resilience, and inspire action.

The event featured physical models and posters illustrating landslide causes, effects, and safety measures to enhance public understanding.

Notable speakers included:
Dr. Mandip Subedi (President, NGS)
Prof. Dr. Netra Prakash Bhandary (Past President, NGS)
Dr. Gopi Krishna Basyal (NSET)
Prof. Dr. Amod Mani Dixit (President, NSET)
Mr. Ramesh Bhushal (Nepal Editor, Thirdpole)
Er. Thakur Prasad Sharma (President, SCAEF)
Dr. Gangalal Tuladhar (Ex-Minister)
Er. Anil Pokhrel (CEO, NDRRMA)
Mr. Balkrishna Acharya (Mayor, Dhunibesi Municipality)
Hon’ble Rajendra Pandey (Dhading)

The event was supported by NDRRMA, DOR, Dhunibesi Municipality, and NSET Nepal.

30th NGS Day program initiated a significant effort to disseminate scientific knowledge about the disaster to local communities, promoting a collaborative approach to risk management and resilience building in Nepal.

Note: A detailed report of the event, along with photos and videos, will be uploaded shortly on the NGS website and social media channels.


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